In order to use crypto-asset holdings towards your net worth verification, you will need to upload a screenshot from a credible cryptocurrency exchange or wallet and must show the date as well as the valuation in USD. You will need to upload a separate screenshot for each wallet. 

  • If the screenshot contains evidence tying the investor to the account (e.g. your name or the investing entity's name), we should be able to use the screenshot on its own.
  • If the screenshot does not show identifying information, you will need to upload a message cryptographically signed using the private key of your wallet or wallets (we would not see your private key, you would just use it to create the message). Once you have the signature, please create a PDF that includes both your screenshot and the signed message. Please see instructions below on how to do so.

Detailed instructions for preparing a signed message

1. Prepare the following message for signature:

I, <Signatory Name>, certify under penalty of perjury that <Investing Entity Name> is the sole owner of the cryptocurrency address associated with this message as of <Today's Date>.

Replace the angle brackets with your name, the name of the investing entity, and the date

 2a. Signing the message - ETH

For Ether, use MyEtherWallet's message signing tool

Paste the message into the text field.

Select your wallet provider. (In this example, we use MetaMask.) 

Click 'Connect'. Then, click 'Sign Message' to sign and approve the transaction. (There is no cost.)

Here is an example signed message:

2b. Signing the message - BTC

For Bitcoin, most wallets implement the ability to sign a message with your Bitcoin address’ private key. See this tutorial about how to sign a messaging with a MetaMask wallet. See here for Jaxx wallet. 

 3. Submitting

Create a document with the message you signed, address, and message signature (sample information provided below):

A. Message:

I, John Smith, certify under penalty of perjury that I am the sole owner of the cryptocurrency address associated with this message as of Dec. 13, 2017.

B. Address


C. Signature 


Please combine this document along with the screenshot of the wallet in one PDF and upload the combined PDF through our asset verification form. If you already submitted a screenshot and need to provide the signature document, you can send that to us via our secure file sharing site.  

Please note that in the event that your funds are spread across multiple wallets, you will need to include a signed message from each address.