For non-US net worth verifications, there are special requirements regarding the credit report. In addition to the asset documents, the SEC requires us to review a report from a "nationwide consumer reporting agency" for the purpose of reviewing liabilities. When submitting your net worth verification, please send us this report either as an additional asset that is worth $.01 or send it to us via our secure file sharing site (we will be adding the ability to submit the credit report separately soon). Please use the list below to find an eligible consumer agency for your country: 

CountryMajor CRAs
 Argentina Nosis Credit Bureau, Veraz Equifax
 Armenia Armenian Credit Reporting Agency (ACRA)
 Australia CreditorWatch, Compuscan, illion, Experian, Tasmanian Collection Service, Equifax,
 Benin Creditinfo
 Botswana Compuscan, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Brazil SPC Brasil, Boa Vista Serviços, Serasa Experian
 Canada Equifax Canada, TransUnion Canada
 Cape Verde Creditinfo
 Chile Dicom Equifax, TransUnion, Siisa, Sinacofi
 Colombia Cifin
 Costa Rica TransUnion
 Denmark Experian
 Dominican Republic Data-Crédito, TransUnion
 Ecuador Equifax, Acredita
 Ethiopia Compuscan
 El Salvador TransUnion
 Georgia Creditinfo
 Germany Creditreform, Bürgel, SCHUFA, Boniversum
 Guatemala TransUnion
 Guyana Creditinfo
 Honduras TransUnion
 Hong Kong TransUnion
 Iceland Creditinfo
 India High Mark Credit Information Services, CIBIL, Experian & Equifax
 Ireland Creditinfo
 Iran Iran Credit Scoring
 Ivory Coast Creditinfo, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Jamaica Credit Information Services Ltd, Creditinfo
 Kazakhstan Creditinfo
 Kenya Creditinfo, Metropol, TransUnion
 Latvia Creditinfo
 Lithuania Creditinfo
 Lesotho Compuscan
 Malaysia Credit Bureau Malaysia, CTOS Data Systems
 Mali Creditinfo
 Malta Creditinfo
 Mexico Equifax, TransUnion
 Morocco Creditinfo
 Mozambique Compuscan
 Namibia Compuscan
 New Zealand Veda Advantage, illion, Centrix
 Netherlands Experian
 Nicaragua TransUnion
 Niger Creditinfo, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Nigeria XDS Credit Bureau, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Norway Experian
 Panama APC Buro
 Pakistan eCIB
 Peru Equifax, Xchange Peru
 Philippines CIBI Information, Inc., Compuscan, TransUnion Information Solutions. Inc.
 Poland Polish Credit Bureau "BIK"
 Romania Creditinfo
 Rwanda Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Saudi Arabia SIMAH, Bayan Saudi Credit Bureau
 Senegal Creditinfo, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Singapore DP Information Group, Credit Bureau (Singapore)
 South Africa Compuscan, Experian, TransUnion, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 South Korea National Information & Credit Evaluation(NICE), Korea Credit Bureau(KCB)
 Spain ASNEF-Equifax and BADEXCUG-Experian
  Switzerland Zentralstelle für Kreditinformation
 Taiwan Joint Credit Information Center(JCIC)
 Tanzania Creditinfo, Dun & Bradstreet, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Togo Creditinfo, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Uganda Compuscan, Finedatta Africa Ltd
 Ukraine Creditinfo
 United Arab Emirates Al Etihad Credit Bureau
 United Kingdom Experian, Equifax, Callcredit


If you cannot find your country in the list, please email us at or provide us a signed letter from a CPA that lists any and all liabilities you have.