Verifying your income is a quick 3 step process.

Step 1. Log in to InvestReady and select the "Income Verification" form after at the verification selection screen.

Step 2. Fill in some basic information we need to verify your income with the IRS.

Step 3. We use this information to fill out a 4056-T form, a method traditional bankers use when they qualify you for a mortgage. Within 3 to 5 days, we will receive a confirmation from the IRS and you should receive your certificate promptly after. 

For a quicker verification, you can also choose to upload your own income statements directly and securely to InvestReady. Note that InvestReady can only rely on the following IRS documents: 1040s, K1s, W2s and 1099s. You will need to upload the 2 most recent years of information for InvestReady to make a verification.