Verifying your assets is a quick 3 step process.

Step 1. Login to InvestReady and select the "Asset Verification" at the verification selection screen.

Step 2. Fill in some basic information about yourself and your primary residence. Your primary residence is NOT allowed to be considered as part of your assets for your net worth calculation. However, if your primary residence has a mortgage on it, we MUST consider it is a liability in your net worth calculation.

Step 3. Prove you have a net worth greater than $1,000,000. 

We've aggregated many different technologies to make it easy to verify your assets online. Take advantage of:

  • Secure document upload - We've made it easy to upload documents in a secure environment. Be sure to check your asset statements have an owner name, date accessed, & asset value.
  • Property Verification - Simply add your property. Use our handy Zillow estimator to benchmark the value of your home. You do not need to upload any proof of ownership, though by submitting your verification you are claiming rightful ownership to these properties. To lie about this is an act of fraud.
  • Non-Cash Asset Verification - We accept almost any statement that meets our requirements. Contact if you are unsure or want a full list of acceptable assets. 
  • Liabilities - Please only list outstanding liabilities that would normally not be found on a credit report. We've partnered with Trans Union to pull a credit report to automatically match your liabilities against the submitted asset information. Note: We use a "soft" pull which means your credit will NOT be affected. Pulling a credit report for an asset verification is required by law.

All of these features are packaged up into one, easy-to-use form!