Yes! We actually have multiple methods for Non-US verifications. First, if the investor can obtain a letter from an attorney or CPA stating they are accredited, we can use that to verify them. The attorney or CPA need not be a US-based practitioner. 

Second, if the investor has filed US income taxes and meets the threshold through those documents, they are able to upload them through our system. If they have income tax documents from a country that similarly penalizes tax payers for false information (the vast majority do), they are also able to upload those documents to us through our system. 

Finally, if they investor holds assets of $1MM or more excluding their primary residence, they are able to upload them onto our system. However, without a US address, they will need to provide us with a credit report or a similar document that shows all of their liabilities since we won't be able to pull a US-based report on them (please see this article for more details). If the documents are not in english, we'd also request either a translated copy or a document that explains the contents of each of the documents be uploaded as well. 

If there is a special circumstance or issue they would need clarification on, please feel free to have them contact us through our support email and we'll be happy to assist.