You are only required to verify your investor status if you are participating in an offering via an online platform. This is all due to a recent legal change from the JOBS Act (2012) which does the following: 

  • Lifts the ban on general solicitation. Entrepreneurs looking for investors can now openly advertise their offering anywhere. 
  • Requires issuers to verify and take "reasonable steps" to ensure all the participating investors meet the accredited investor threshold.  
  • Allows investments to be transacted completely online in almost any vertical from real estate to startups to energy and more! 

Why Use InvestReady?

Due to the open nature of the internet, it becomes very easy for anyone to lie and commit fraud, putting the entire investment at risk. Thus, the SEC now requires issuers to "take reasonable steps" to verify your investor status. To do so, investors are required to share tax transcripts, bank statements, credit reports and more to every platform they want to invest on or to use an attorney or CPA on your behalf... every 90 days!

So instead of surrendering your privacy or being held hostage to expensive attorney's fees, use InvestReady to quickly and safely verify your investor status and elevate your online investing experience by gaining secure access to a whole new world of investment opportunities.